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Further reading

Elsewhere on Wednesday,

– Spain stays in ‘denial’ about its banks, with ‘recognition’ still over the horizon somewhere.

Sovereign crisis solutions: monetisation, default, break-up. That’s all folks!

– But investors need not worry, Europe is going to be just fine.

– Fewer barbecues in Portugal. Ouch.

– We say tomato, you say tomato(e). We say backlash against austerity, you say wake-up call.

– You need a licence to drive a car, to catch a fish, and (in one out of three cases) to have a job.

– How the vampire squid failed to become Facebook’s friend.

– It’s gotten more difficult to be able to afford going bankrupt.

– Oh Jamie, ever the optimist!

– What will the grandchildren think?!

– Further, further reading.