Weekender | FT Alphaville


Further weekend reading,

– Kai Ryssdal’s interview with Tim Geithner.

Stability is not an option.

– Bernanke and the 2% catastrophe.

– Martin Wolf on the impact of austerity on the Eurozone.

– James Hamilton on US growth.

And this week on FT Alphaville,

Russian life expectancy is finally ticking up again.

– Banco Santander CEO Alfredo Saenz reacted to an analyst’s questions with words he may come to regret.

– China was buried alive in copper.

– John Kemp defended the ONS.

– We picked apart a car and priced its components.

PSI and Portugal: unlikely to be easy or helpful.

Italy’s businesses played it coy.

– Bernanke worried about the wrong credibility issue

– … or at least the FOMC’s communications strategy is in need of improvement.

– The UK double-dipped.

– Trend-spotting, European equities edition.

– And finally, we pondered how the world could unwittingly move back to a gold standard… of sorts.