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Old-fashioned expropriation

Though the Kirchner government called it ‘hydrocarbon sovereignty’ and ‘in the national public interest’ when making its move to nationalise YPF, in which Repsol owned a stake, according to Argentina’s Clarin.

Getting creative with the terms we see!

Nationalisation has hardly come out of the blue in this months-long dispute so we’d suppose it’s largely been priced into Repsol stock. Still, there are YPF ADRs…

Update — from the FT:

Ms Fernández was unimpressed by Spain’s objections. “This president is not going to answer any threat, is not going to respond to any sharp remark, is not going to echo the disrespectful or insolent things said,” she said as she announced the proposed law. “I am a head of state and not a hoodlum.”

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