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Yeah, well – we don’t like you either, Sarko

President Nicolas Sarkozy of the French Republic, courting the critical anti-FT vote in a debate held on Thursday night (via Europe1):

Quick translation of those quotes:

They don’t agree with me, which I find very funny, you know, because I don’t agree with them… The FT, as they say in informed circles, has always defended the Anglo-Saxon model, considering the French irredeemable and that we would do better to align ourselves to the Anglo-Saxon model…

The FT has for many years said that the solution for the world is that there should be no law… I think exactly the opposite…. The FT explains to us that it is necessary to do exactly what Great Britain does, which is in a far worse economic situation than France. So as for me, I accept any who volunteer to give us lessons, but not them, and not like that!

So robust is the French economy in the eyes of the President that just this week he warned of “Greek-style crisis” if his Socialist rival wins the election. Not a single result in months of polling has shown Sarkozy beating François Hollande. Somehow we doubt that he would dare critique the German model

The debate was on a TV programme called “words and acts”.

Sarko has long excelled at the former.

(PS — Our lackeyism with regard to the UK economy, here)

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