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The 6am Cut London

Fed no. 2 backs low-rates policy: Janet Yellen, vice-chair of the US Federal Reserve, said further monetary easing may only be needed if growth is slower than expected but argued that a range of policy rules suggested keeping interest rates close to zero until as late as 2015. (Financial Times)(Wall Street Journal)

Aviva is considering selling its US division, according to people attending a meeting of investment managers held with the insurer’s chief executive Andrew Moss. Some analysts have speculated the division may be put up for sale, despite it being designated as a core region. (Financial Times)

Anheuser-Busch InBev has emerged as the lead bidder for Cervecería Nacional Dominicana in a potential deal that would give the Belgian brewer control of the maker of Presidente beer, according to sources. (Wall Street Journal)

Goldman Sachs has  reached a $22m settlement with the SEC and Finra over allegations the bank didn’t have adequate policies to prevent research being passed to preferred clients, according to sources. (Reuters)

European bank debt issuance has slowed as fears about Spain and the wider economic region have risen. There has been almost no issuance since a flurry of deals in February. (Financial Times)

The SEC sues a third Chinese company alleging stock manipulation. AutoChina and 11 of its investors are accused of artificially boosting trade in the stock. PwC had warned of a problem before its Chinese affiliate was dismissed as the company’s auditor. (Wall Street Journal)

Australian payrolls for March rose by almost seven times analysts’ estimates. (Bloomberg)


Neil Heywood’s final hours. “He had also told friends that he was concerned about his safety after falling out with Mr. Bo’s wife”. (Wall Street Journal)

The BoJ needs to show it is serious: A U-turn in itself can undermine confidence, says HSBC’s Frederic Neumann. (Financial Times)

Iran is trying to skirt sanctions by offering easy credit, but is struggling to find buyers despite longer terms amounting to a roughly 7.5% discount per barrel.  (Financial Times)

Warren Buffett has made a tidy paper profit from leveraged loans bought from Goldman Sachs last year, according to sources. (Wall Street Journal)

The e-book case: What is ‘agency pricing’? (Wall Street Journal)

Apple shares are masking the broadest US equities rally since the 1990s. (Bloomberg)


Asian equities rose but South Korea’s Kospi index was lower on fears about North Korea’s rocket launch. [More]