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Further reading

Elsewhere on Tuesday,

– Is the ‘London Whale’ (aka Voldemort) hedging DVA on JP Morgan’s bonds?

– Matt Levine thinks, probably not.

– This recovery is not THAT bad.

– A new Steve Keen video on the Krugman spat.

– Niall Ferguson and Joseph Joffe have the Europe debate (depressingly) in the bag.

– The structure of structural unemployment.

– What’s the real reason Facebook bought Instagram?

– Facebook paid too much! Not enough! Whatever. Who knows?

Cold-war style spying on American universities.

– A (possibly dated) study comparing left-wing and right-wing blogs.

– What I didn’t learn in Econ 101.

– Delegitimisation, damning with feint praise, and just being downright sensitive.

Further, further reading.