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Further reading

Posting on FT Alphaville will be light to non-existent until New York hours on Monday, because of the holiday in Europe. Normal service including Markets Live will return on Tuesday.

Though to keep you going through the last of the Easter eggs — some further reading!

Elsewhere on Monday,

– Steve Waldman looks at l’affaire Keen-Krugman.

– JOBS Act horror du jour, Facebook edition.

– Counterfeiting as a central bank tool. Featuring Nazis! We hate those guys.

– The autos numbers are OK, not so the jobs.

‘Tree Planting Magnate’ and other Chinese censor victims.

– Re:The Auditors — excellent on Groupon.

– The Great Yield Chase and… junk bonds, worldwide.

– Further TED listening, all about China.

– Further, further reading.