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The 6am Cut London

Asian share markets fell after the Fed’s minutes showed only two out of 10 voting members saying further easing “could become necessary”. (Financial Times) The Nikkei fell abruptly below 10,000 to hit a four-week low, triggering fears Tokyo’s equities rally is over. (Reuters)

The ECB is expected to resist pressure to signal it’s exiting crisis measures at its meeting on Wednesday. (Reuters)

Mitt Romney is close to winning the Republican nomination after victories in three more state primaries. (Reuters)(Financial Times)

– Burger King plans to list its shares again, on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with Justice Holdings, an investment company based in London. (NYT DealBook)

A fine levied on a UK hedge fund manager and his firm, Pentagon, for US market abuse has been raised to nearly $100m, the highest penalty imposed by US regulators on a foreign citizen. (Financial Times)

– Chevron and Transocean face a second $11bn lawsuit in Brazil after a federal prosecutor filed another civil lawsuit against the companies for a second leak off the coast of Rio de Janeiro this year. Chevron said the new related to a leak of less than one barrel of oil. The two companies already faced a $11bn  lawsuit and criminal charges 2,400 and 3,000 barrels in November. (Reuters)

Credit Suisse dropped Fitch’s rating from a mortgage-backed security because the ratings agency’s view was harsher than S&P and DBRS, says new Fitch chief executive. Credit Suisse said it’s not rare for a rating firm to be paid and then ultimately not have its rating chosen. (Wall Street Journal)

Total will tackle the North Sea gas leak as early as Wednesday night. (Wall Street Journal)

– Moody’s cut GE Capital Corporation’s senior unsecured debt rating by two notches to A1, and its rating on the parent company from Aa2 to Aa3. (Financial Times)


How Ian Hamman changed the FTSE100. (Financial Times) The City should hope it’s not the end of mavericks bankers. (Financial Times)

Today will see some interesting bond auctions from Spain and Portugal. (Reuters)

Two cheers for China’s rebalancing, says Martin Wolf. (Financial Times)

Unlike me, the euro will live forever, says Jean-Claude Juncker. (eFX News)

The UK has got this rare earths things sorted. Well, tungsten at least. Maybe. (Bloomberg)