Schäuble: ‘It’s just cos they’re Greek, you know’ (Updated) | FT Alphaville

Schäuble: ‘It’s just cos they’re Greek, you know’ (Updated)

Update:  the header to this post has been changed to single quotation marks to denote an indirect quote.


We’re relying on wire reports here, but speaking at a European University Institute event in Florence onTuesday night, German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble seems to have made some rather inflammatory comments about Greece.

Reportedly in response to a hostile question from the audience he declared…

We have shown a lot of solidarity with Greece… Everyone knows the real problems of Greek society are in Greece and not to be found abroad.

Schäuble’s general tone seems to have been one of “Greece’s problems are all of their own making…”

Apparently he was faced by students wearing pig masks, with banners saying “NO AUSTERITY.” There’s a statement from Collettivo Prezzemolo here.

According to Ekathimerini, Schaeuble said it could be argued that Greece should not have joined the euro in the first place.

We’re hoping to get a transcript or video of the event at the EIU at some stage here.