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Further further reading

For the commute home,

– Deutsche Bank lets this dude, and only this dude, tweet.

– The financial wisdom of GK Chesterton.

– The EU takes on the world (and then doesn’t).

Conan O’Brien vs Da Peng as proxies for US-China geopolitical standoffs.

– Heidi Moore interviews RBC wealth management chief on the subject of morality on Wall Street.

– Letter to the Lancet disputes findings on exercise and life expectancy, makes awesome use of Biblical citations..

– Speaking of Biblical, Jeff Matthews says it’s Abel, not Jain, who will likely succeed Buffett (sorry).

– Goldman’s conflicts, part 917.

– “Goldman Didn’t Disclose Its El Paso Conflicts Except In Publicly Available SEC Filings“.

Eeyore vs Tigger for the soul of Ben Bernanke.

– Where personal income comes from.

– FHA reduces fees to encourage more refinancing.