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Further further reading

For the commute home,

– S&P downgrades Greece to selective default — cue the pending follow-up by other rating agencies and a delicate period for funding Greek banks at the ECB…

– Megan Greene’s none-too-optimistic notes from her trip to Athens (via Marginal Revolution).

– Gavyn Davies on the metamorphosis of Ben Bernanke from advocating a gluttonous binge on unconventional monetary policy to just buzzing lightly on it.

– By the way, now that dear oil is here, it’s crunch time at the Fed.

– Energy bills are still lower than they were last year.

– S*** sales traders say.

– Hawaii still the top state in well-being measures.

– An expensive consultant for the New York Times.

– A pill that erases painful memories forever.

– NY Fed explains how interest on excess reserves benefits the payments system.

– Chart of the day: GDP per barrel of oil consumed (from this Early Warning post):