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Some highlights from Monday’s FTfm.

European real estate meltdown
Many smaller real estate fund managers are forecast to hit the wall in the next two years as a freeze in fundraising and the deepening crisis in the eurozone hits struggling boutiques

Hedgies gain from prop trade fall-off
A severe contraction in investment banks’ proprietary trading activities is “democratising” investment opportunities by opening up space for hedge funds to expand, according to BlackRock Alternative Investors

Super-Mario and co to the rescue
The ‘Bernank’, Super-Mario and Sir Mervyn King of quantitative easing have been coming to the rescue. But before they consider letting their central banks become shareholders of last resort they should consider the lessons from Japan, says James Mackintosh

ECB floating way out of its depth
You would have thought that a solution to the ECB’s balance sheet problem would have been found by now, but you would be wrong. American officialdom is getting more pessimistic about the Greek restructuring, writes John Dizard

‘No one’s safe’ in this economic crisis
Paul Krugman, professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for economics on China, emerging markets and the eurozone crisis

Would a break-up of the euro end Ucits?
As speculation mounts about the future of the euro, few fund managers seem concerned about the future of Ucits and even fewer believe any break-up or disruption in the currency would spell the end of the lucrative cross-border fund market

Why we need to tax the crazy market speculators
Applying a 1 per cent tax on all downward bets on stocks and bonds, and 0.1 per cent for derivatives would lead to the phasing out of hedge funds and a diminishing of investment banks – ending the duopoly that led to crazy capitalism