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Further reading

Elsewhere on Thursday,

– Angie got approval back home..

– .. for a plan to recap banks, leverage the EFSF, and restructure Greek debt.

– It was a very long evening.

– China will be asked to invest..

– .. but when the Europeans called, they were redirected to voicemail!

– And Greece has an awfully long shadow.

– All of which makes us feel rather reflective.

– Bank of America attempts PR, puts foot in mouth.

– “Where are they now?” Financial institutions edition.

– But it’s not over until the New York Attorney General says it is.

– Biases, errors, illusions, fallacies, and investors.

– Of what stuff is insider trading made?

– When the IMF went to Iceland.

– How old you need to be to swear.

– Further, further reading.