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Papandreou mulls resignation, says FT Deutschland

Well, wouldn’t you?

From FT Deutschland, via Google Translate:

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has information to the Financial Times Germany over the past three weeks, twice spoken with confidants about his resignation. Both times he had “offered his resignation” – and then gone on but it said in the context of Papandreou. The head of government of the ordeal hold between the protests of their own people against the austerity program, on the one hand and the requirements of EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the other was not long. Papandreou was feeling powerless, an insider said: “Greece decides on anything.”

One of the prime minister’s resignation amid the duration of negotiations for new tools and during the enforcement of tens of thousands of job cuts in public services would be a “disaster,” said the insider. “But when fatigue has set itself the office only once in his head, he will sooner or later step to do.” A government spokesman denied any intention to resign: “The information you receive is nonsense.”

Three caveats:

(1) It would be surprising if Papandreou hadn’t privately considered whether the job was worth the inordinate amount of pressure he’s been under since taking over in October 2009.

(2) Perhaps this is overly conspiratorial but there may well be a few German “sources” keen to publicly speculate on private doubts.

(3) FT Deutschland is not the German edition of the Financial Times, if you think that matters. (The FT sold its 50 per cent stake in FTD in 2008, and the newspaper isn’t owned by Pearson or subject to any editorial control from the FT.)

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