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Some highlights from Monday’s FTfm.

ETF sector braces for draconian clampdown
Providers of synthetic ETFs are bracing themselves for a draconian clampdown by regulators following reports that an ETF trader was allegedly involved in a $2.3bn trading scandal at UBS

Enquiry starting into ’empty voting’
The practice of borrowing shares to vote at AGMs is becoming a governance issue, prompting the European Securities and Markets Authority to launch a ‘call for evidence’

DC pension scheme members suffer steep losses
Average member of a UK private sector defined contribution pension scheme lost £1,300 a year in future retirement income between March and September

Tricky exit from emerging markets
The old joke that emerging markets are those from which you cannot emerge in an emergency could be applied to those nations’ sovereign debt, which is suffering from contagion, says John Plender, the counter-intuitive alternative is the dollar

Time to bring on the super trusts
Many in the industry are now advocating building bigger pension funds to earn better returns and solve some of the world’s savings problems, writes Pauline Skypala

Talk show spats are obscuring the facts
The Baltic States’ recoveries were accomplished on the backs of the working people, who did, in fact, suffer greater declines in income than those in the rest of Europe, but they’ve come out ahead, writes John Dizard

Jim McCaughan: modest chief with a grand design
Principal Global Investors’ Jim McCaughan says its switch to a multi-boutique model requires senior executives who are willing to leave their egos at the door