Guest editing for the day | FT Alphaville

Guest editing for the day

Mark your calendars.

On Tuesday July 26, FT Alphaville will be taken over — again.

Paul Donovan, global economist at UBS, will be seizing the reins.

Donovan is not one to shy away from the harder topics in his field so expect some intriguing posts from him come Tuesday, and maybe even a further reading round-up.

He’ll also be joining us on Markets Live.

Which means it’s your chance to ask him anything from his thoughts on why the eurozone doesn’t work, to the mechanics of national banks, plus whether or not inflation can really erode away debts.

Post your questions in the comment box below, or send them to

The official bio-blurb from UBS below:

Paul Donovan joined the UBS in 1992 and is a Managing Director and Global Economist. Paul is responsible for formulating and presenting the UBS Investment Research global economic view. Paul has an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University. He is an Honorary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford and member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle. He holds an MSc in Financial Economics from the University of London. Paul is also a co-founder of the Peter Culverhouse Memorial Trust (a cancer research and patient care charity) and an economic adviser to the East London Business Alliance (an urban regeneration charity). Paul co-authored “From Red to Green? How the financial credit crunch could bankrupt the environment” with Julie Hudson, to be published in August 2011.

See you on Tuesday.