Dodd-Frank — a real work of art | FT Alphaville

Dodd-Frank — a real work of art

Inspired by a printer bleed of a Dodd-Frank diagram from Deloitte, via Politico, here we present a slight diversion from FT Alphaville’s bailiwick.

Every now and again we come across pictures meant to simplify the complexities of the landmark legislation. (We’d never of course suggest they’d ever be designed to obfuscate.) And it hasn’t escaped our attention that, on occasion, they carry a (very) vague likeness to certain works of art. Therefore, safe in the knowledge that this seemed like a good idea at the time, we present one of a very occasional series, Dodd-Frank as drawn by …

1. Gene Davis:

2. Piet Mondrian:

3. Damien Hirst:

4. Le Corbusier (and, yes, we were struggling to match the NY Fed’s masterpiece):