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Further further reading

For the commute home,

– The upward slope of real house prices.

– Two new economics data sites.

– A profile of the new bid for TMX.

– Has the manufacturing recovery been overstated? Not if you’re looking at profits.

– NY Fed on rising commodity prices and inflation expectations.

– The effective income tax rate on America’s top 400 earners.

– The dark side of happiness.

– Can you have a bubble in something that can’t be sold?

– “You can count on pharma press releases prominently calling results ‘encouraging’ to be negative, while stories that call results ‘effective’ are actually worth paying attention to.”

– Observation of the day comes from our colleague Alan Beattie: “Men with facial hair are now in charge of the IMF, World Bank and US Federal Reserve. This will be seen as a golden era for the hirsute.”