Guest editing for the day [updated] | FT Alphaville

Guest editing for the day [updated]

FT Alphaville is being taken over … again.

On Wednesday March 23, Gavyn Davies, the blogger, former Goldman Sachs economist, adviser to No 10 and chairman of Fulcrum Asset Management, will be taking the controls.

As it’s Budget Day, Gavyn will be giving us his take on the Chancellor’s speech, via FT Alphaville’s Twitter feed, a series of posts and possibly a live blog. (We will keep you posted on that.)

Throughout the day, Gavyn will share his thoughts on the topics du jour (such as UK inflation or the MPC minutes) and has promised to file his very own Further reading post. Look out for that first thing on Wednesday morning.

Gayvn will also make an appearance on Markets Live, where he has kindly agreed to field questions on all things macroeconomic. You can leave a question for him in the comment box below or email us at

We are really excited to have Gavyn edit the site for the day. In our view, he’s one of the most interesting macroeconomists out there and one who genuinely gets blogging.

If you haven’t already, check out his blog. It’s full of great analysis and refreshingly jargon-free.

Update: 17.28, March 22

And you might also want to check his pre-budget Op/Ed piece published today on

Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne has embarked on an audacious shift in the mix of fiscal and monetary policy. But despite unexpectedly high inflation figures on Tuesday, and ongoing worries about growth, the current combination of tight fiscal and easy monetary policy remains the best chance of avoiding a sovereign debt crisis while ensuring acceptable increases in gross domestic product.

About Gavyn Davies

Davies is a macroeconomist who is now chairman of Fulcrum Asset Management and co-founder of Prisma Capital Partners. He was the head of the global economics department at Goldman Sachs from 1987-2001, and was chairman of the BBC from 2001-2004.

He has also served as an economic policy adviser in No 10 Downing Street, an external adviser to the British Treasury, and as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

Gavyn Davies is an active investor and may have financial interests and holdings in any of the topics about which he writes. The views expressed are solely those of Mr Davies and in no way reflect the views of Prisma Capital Partners LP, Fulcrum Asset Management LLP, their respective affiliates or representatives. This material is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, investment advice or recommendations. Readers are urged to seek professional advice before making any investments.