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‘Robert Tchenguiz knows a good deal when he sees one’

From page 75 of the Kaupthing annual report, 2006:

Robert Tchenguiz knows a good deal when he sees one. In fact, it is precisely this business acumen that enabled him to grow an enterprise, which began with rental housing for students and tourists, into one of the most prosperous property groups in the UK. Robert Tchenquiz’s relationship with Kaupthing Bank is characteristic of his eye for sustainable performance. The Investment Banking division has repeatedly demonstrated why Robert Tchenguiz calls on Kaupthing Bank, and it is this reliability and capability to deliver on projects that keeps him coming back time and again. Robert Tchenguiz is known among entrepreneurs for his financial savvy, unconventional funding strategies, and ability to realise a good opportunity when it presents itself. Interestingly enough, these are exactly the same qualities that make Kaupthing Bank his investment bank of choice.

(H/T to Davros in comments)

From the Tchenguiz brothers, 2011:

We were arrested earlier this morning and are being questioned with regard to matters relating to our relationship with Kaupthing Bank. Both of us are cooperating fully with the investigation and are confident that, once concluded, we will be cleared of any allegation of wrongdoing.

And for the sake of completeness, here’s the Robert Tchenguiz profile from Kaupthing’s secret list of large loan exposures in September 2008 — uncovered by Wikileaks in 2009:

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