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Further further reading

For the commute home, and to help you win the future,

– “A substantial divergence between employment and output growth has been the hallmark of the last three recoveries (1990’s, 2000’s, and the current episode).”

– Wikileaks on sovereign wealth funds.

– Is ECB monetary policy too tight even for Germany?

Productivity in Norway and Ireland is now higher than in the US.

– The 20 biggest Tech IPOs since Google.

– Merkel and Barroso had a chat on Tuesday about the size of euro bailout fund and had a “lively discussion”, but not — seriously, says a spokesman, NOT — a “dispute”.

– Tadas looks at whether herding in hedge funds is partly driven by a decline in US listings.

– Measuring economic growth from outer space.

– Robert Shiller recommends five books.