A QWERTY-sized finger in London [updated] | FT Alphaville

A QWERTY-sized finger in London [updated]

Possible fat-finger — fat-fist? — drama in London markets on Tuesday:

U is for United Utilties…

H is for Hays…

B is for BT…

N is for NXT…

And funnily enough, U-H-B-N are all adjacent keys on a QWERTY keyboard.

So… any London traders been sent to A&E departments with keyboard-indented forehead injuries this afternoon?

Update – Lest we forget — Northumbria Water was also touched by the hand of fate on Tuesday:


Update (1630 BST): Fancy that — this might not have been a fat finger, fist or keyboard-mash after all. LSE have got in touch and reckon it was a trader aggressively filling up the order book for the stocks in question, taking advantage of low summer volume. Makes sense. Still odd though.

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