If you register with Britain’s Financial Services Authority, you must be in the process of setting up an investment bank or something, right? And if you are doing that, then it must be for doing dodgy deals for squillionaires, who are probably foreigners as well.

That, surely, is the takeaway from the Sunday Times’ “exclusive” this weekend, noting that the FSA registration of a vehicle linked to Tony Blair Associates offered the former British prime minister the chance to offer investment services to institutions and individuals.

No matter that Blair’s officials had simply registered with the FSA as a precautionary measure in case any of the geopolitical advice Blair already dishes out to his consultancy clients is used by them for investment purposes. The field was open for some typical Daily Mail top-spin

Tony Blair sets up Mayfair ‘bank’ to act as a deal maker in investments for the super-rich

A company set up by Tony Blair can now act as an investment bank after registering with the Financial Services Authority. His Mayfair-based company Firerush could provide the former Prime Minister with further opportunities to boost his fortune, estimated to be in excess of £20million…

Mr Blair’s move into finance helps to explain how he can afford to donate the £4.6million advance and any profits from his forthcoming memoirs to the Royal British Legion….

As it happens, the Sunday Times’ parent, News International, is also registered with the FSA.

In fact, according to documents seen on the internet by FT Alphaville, we can reveal that News International is already acting as an “introducer” (which sounds really shady if you say it right) and also operating a “credit union” (which just sounds left wing).

Maybe the Daily Mail could do a follow up.. No wait! Who lives at London W8 5TT? Looks like the paper is itself tainted by this greedy bankster business…