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Iceland’s theatre of financial horror

Is this the most boring theatrical production in the world?

Or a valid way to take the financial crisis to the masses?

Reykavik City Theatre has announced it will be ‘performing’ a 2,000-page report on Iceland’s banking collapse, which was produced by a specially-convened parliamentary committee, and is due to be published on Monday.

The paper will end a 15-month investigation into the causes of the collapse, and, as the FT notes, has become known as the ‘black report’, given what are expected to be some very bleak findings.

Here’s the press release from the Theatre’s website, run through Google Translate:

12 April published a report on the eve of Parliament Rannsóknarnefndar and causes bankahrunsins. The report is extensive and it is likely that the media will interpret the report, each with its nose. City staff has decided to read the report in its entirety, but it is about 2000 pages in length, and invite citizens to obey the upplesturinn. Artists will not evaluate the content, nor attempt to interpret the report by any means. The reader begins immediately after the report has been published and the reader will stand day and night until the report has all been read. By 45 actors will participate in upplestrinum scheduled to take 3-5 days. Population available to the City and listen to the report in part or in whole. Theatre will be open around the clock during the reading needs but will also transfer directly to the website of the theater. The theater will be a kind of haven where people can come, listen to readings and consider the material, content and causes. City strives to have active dialogue with the community and address essential community. From bankahruni Theatre has taken on current affairs in various ways.

Those of you with a spare 120 hours can also watch the performance via a live-stream on the Theatre’s website, starting at 11 a.m. local time. Just remember to bring your mega-sized popcorn :

The report itself will be available here from 1030 BST on Monday.

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