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Greece, the IMF – a timeline

Confused by the recent twist and turns in the dramatic mini-series that is the Greek bailout attempt?

Here, courtesy of FT Alphaville, is a timeline to help soothe through some of your muddles:

February 11 (Reuters) – IMF says ready with technical support for Greece

February 15 (Reuters) – Germany dismisses idea of European fund for Greece

February 20 (Reuters) – ECB exec defends non-use of IMF for Greece – paper

February 22 (Reuters) – IMF sends staff member to Greece at EU request

February 23 (Reuters) – Greece must help itself, German state minister says

February 26 (Reuters) – EU wants to deal with Greece’s problems – IMF chief

March 1 (Reuters) – Greece should go to IMF, not EU – Germany’s Issing

March 3 (Reuters) – IMF chief worries about lack of common EU response

Bloomberg referring to March 3: Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said last week the Washington-based lender might have a role in resolving the crisis. “If markets don’t respond as we would like them to, due to their speculative behavior, then the final resort would be the International Monetary Fund,” he said on March 3.

March 7 (Reuters) – France promises euro zone aid for Greece if needed

March 8 (Bloomberg)  – EU Works on IMF-Style Lender, Curbs on Derivatives

March 8 (Reuters) – EU, ECB lock horns over IMF-style rescue fund

March 11 (Reuters) – Numerous questions remain on any EMF – Juncker

March 12 (Reuters) – Europe, Greece made clear IMF aid not needed-Lipsky. The IMF’s No. 2 official said on Friday European and Greek authorities have made it clear they intend to handle Greece’s financial arrangements without the help of the IMF.

March 15 (Reuters) – Finance ministers from the 16-country euro zone agreed on Monday to mobilise financial aid for Greece rapidly if needed but revealed little of how their standby plan for the debt-stricken nation would work.

March 15 (Reuters) – No decisions on Greece at Monday’s EU talks-Germany

March 17 (Bloomberg) – Greece Keeps IMF Option Alive as Merkel Urges Caution on EU Aid

March 17 (Bloomberg) -Germany Seeks IMF Role for Greece in Reversal, Lawmaker Says

March 17 (Reuters) – Greece well placed to fix its own problems – Germany

March 18 (Reuters) – Greece will not be able to carry out planned deficit cuts to resolve its debt problems if it has to continue borrowing money at high interest rates, Prime Minister George Papanderou said Thursday.

March 18 (Reuters) Greek PM wants European help rather than IMF aid

And for those still left wondering about the evolving picture, here’s FT Alphaville’s very own Greek Bailout meter – (pejoratively weighted, of course) — to put things into perspective:

We think maybe it’s not just us who are confused.

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