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How do you say ‘bank bailout’ in Spanish?

Just in case you thought the financial crisis in the US of A was concentrated on the mainland, here’s some food for thought from Dow Jones (emphasis ours):

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is seeking buyers for three banks in Puerto Rico, a small island with big banking problems.

According to two people familiar with the matter, the agency has hired an investment bank to try to find capital or outright purchasers for W Holding Co. Inc., R&G Financial Corp. and Eurobancshares Inc., which have almost $21 billion in combined assets.

The three banks hold almost 30% of Puerto Rico’s $62 billion of deposits, and their bank subsidiaries are operating under enhanced FDIC scrutiny.

The FDIC’s search for buyers comes after five years of crisis in Puerto Rico’s banking industry, a small and fiercely competitive market for 11 banks.

(H/T Calculated Risk)

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