Guest editing for the day… | FT Alphaville

Guest editing for the day…

Bob Janjuah and Kevin Gaynor, RBS Chief Markets Strategist and Chief Markets Economist, respectively, will be guest editing FT Alphaville on Wednesday.

This will be a genuine treat for readers, who know Janjuah as “Bob the Bear.” (Read this and you’ll see why)

Kevin’s analytical prose is no less riveting.

Much of the combined wisdom of Janjuah and Gaynor is usually reserved for RBS clients, but since many of us can now claim to be stakeholders in this particular bank…

On a serious note, Bob and Kevin will be online from 7am, London time, on Wednesday.

Following the example of Jonathan Wilmott of Credit Suisse, who joined FT Alphaville for a day in early December, the RBS strategy duo will be posting their thoughts through the day.

They might even be brave enough to join Markets Live at 11am – so be ready to fire off questions.

Oh, and please read this small print.

And here’s some really small print which you can click to enlarge.