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Fancy running an Icelandic bank?

Iceland’s Arion Bank is looking for a CEO. Interested? Apply here.

But first, the details:

In the next few days, Arion Bank will be inviting applications for the position of CEO, the first of Iceland’s large commercial banks to do so. Finnur Sveinbjörnsson’s temporary appointment as CEO runs out at the end of this year, and the Resolution Committee of Kaupthing Bank and the Icelandic state banking agency have kept this in mind during their negotiations in recent months.

Finnur Sveinbjörnsson has announced to the board of Arion Bank and the Resolution Committee of Kaupthing Bank that he does not intend to apply for the position after his tenure ends. The position will therefore be advertised in the next few days.

The board of Arion Bank and the Kaupthing Bank Resolution Committee believe that this method of engaging a new CEO will increase customers’ and creditors’ confidence in the bank and its operations.

Arion is, of course, the bank created from the remains of Kaupthing and is controlled by the foreign creditors of the former bank. Which probably explains why they are inviting applications.

And here are Arion’s contact details:

Arion banki
Borgartúni 19
105 Reykjavík Iceland
Tel: +354 444 6000

Icelandic Identity Number (kennitala): 581008-0150

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