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It’s a financial blogwar!

The pixels are flying: Felix Salmon at Reuters on Thursday took a gratuitous swipe at The Business Insider’s Henry Blodget, over the latter’s alleged failure to disclose the details of his past wrangles with the SEC and Eliot Spitzer, which involved a $4m “disgorgement” by Blodget.

The former Merrill Lynch analyst promptly suffered a sense of humour failure, responding to the “king of financial bloggers” with a 1,000 word defence of his disclosure record.

That has caused the real king of financial bloggers, Michael Fowke, to ask: Does Felix Salmon own the internet?

Salmon, of course, doesn’t know when to stop typing, so now we’ve got a Dear Henry letter, where the Reuters blogger defends his position in turn.

Along the way, the original purpose of the original post has been somewhat lost. This was actually about Bloomberg hiring –  and then firing –  a TV presenter with a record of allegedly manipulating natural gas prices and a CFTC fine to match, neither of which was disclosed when he was on air.

But we’d better get an FT Alphaville rap sheet together before we go into that.

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