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RBS’s sticky situation

Poor RBS.

In addition to superglueing their hands to the trading floor of the bank’s London HQ, environmental protesters are making fun of the company’s M&A history.

Sky News reports:

Environmental campaigners have glued their hands to the trading floor of RBS in the City of London, Sky sources say. The protesters disguised themselves as construction workers to get into the company’s Bishopgate HQ.

They unfurled banners which read “RBS: under new ownership” and “Ethical renovation in progress”.

The activists said they were protesting against the bank’s investments in fossil fuel projects, especially funding for the coal industry and tar sands extraction in Canada.

Protester James Clarke said: “RBS is 70%-owned by the public but it is completely against the public interest for our money to be used to fund climate change.

“Yet again, the banks are putting profit over people.”

Other protesters have shed their clothes at the offices for E.On in Victoria, London, and are protesting on the roof of the building.

Which means, after a rather lacklustre “No Bank Holiday” weekend for the Climate Action 2009 protesters, the green-campaigners have finally regrouped.

FT Alphaville received the below report, from the City of London police, on Monday:

City of London Police – Camp for Climate Action 2009 Update

Weekend overview

Generally, over the weekend, the camp area has been quiet with little or no police interaction. Due to the peaceful nature of the camp Police decided to remove the mobile police station from the area and reassign officers to normal duties.

Monday 31.8.09 Today at approx 1015 hours a group of approximately 12 people unfurled banners at Her Majesty’s Treasury SW1. They remained there for approximately 15 minutes before leaving. The groups activity was monitored by police and there were no incidents or arrests. The group left the area. Smaller groups also left the camp area and approximately 30 people attended London City Airport and sat down for a short while and then left without incident.

Tuesday 1.9.09 It is expected that there may be some further activity from the camp as this is the last full day of the week. It is suggested that groups may randomly select sites from the list of 22 premises circulated earlier on the Indymedia site, but there is no specific intelligence as to what site they will attend. There is a full policing opertion [sic] in place during this event. Further updates will follow on Tuesday if there is any impact on the City.

But will the police be equipped with glue remover?

Update: The police appear to have got their glue remover and are busy ungluing, according to this Twitpic.

Twitpic via jwcane

Update: We’ve just got hold of this — an internal memo sent to RBS employees regarding the protests:

Earlier today a small number of Climate Camp protesters managed to get into the trading floor in 250 Bishopsgate and chain themselves in. We are currently working with the relevant authorities to remove these demonstrators and to ensure the safety of our employees and minimum inconvenience to our business operations. Protesters are also outside 250 Bishopsgate and we expect additional protests throughout the day. There is a heavy police presence onsite and additional security is in place to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors.

Until further notice all staff should remain in 250 Bishopsgate and staff from other buildings should not try to gain access. If you have any client meetings arranged in 250 Bishopsgate today please make alternative arrangements. The main entrance of 135 Bishopsgate is now closed as an extra precaution.

All staff are advised to remain vigilant at all times and follow the guidance issued last week regarding personal security during the Climate Camp protests. Please ensure that you display your security pass when you are in any RBS building and you do not allow access to anyone without an authorised security or visitors pass.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Mark Thresher
Head of GBM Business Continuity

Sounds like a good excuse for RBS-ers to go for a long lunch.

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