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Natgas imbalance warnings begin

From the Tennessee Gas Pipeline company on Thursday (our emphasis):

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company – Notice Text
DATE:  AUGUST 13, 2009              9:00 AM CCT   TO:    ALL TENNESSEE CUSTOMERS
Tennessee requests that customers match physical flow with  scheduled quantities to prevent imbalances from occurring that  would threaten Tennessee’s operational integrity.  With mild  weather patterns continuing across much of the system and  limited storage flexibility, Tennessee does not have the ability  to absorb imbalances caused by over-deliveries by receipt point  operators into the system and under-takes from the system by  delivery point operators.   We appreciate your compliance with this notice.    Please contact your Volume Analyst if you have any questions.   Layne Sanders Manager, Transportation Services Gas Scheduling  

In other words,  storage has nearly run out and any gas deliveries unaccounted for into the Tennessee pipeline network might result in errr… pressure-related operational integrity issues for the company.

For those interested here’s how the Tennessee pipeline system fits into the US supply network:
Tennessee system

And, for context, here are all US natural gas market centres and hubs in relation to major natural gas transportation corridors, courtesy of the EIA (click to enlarge):

EIA natgas centres

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