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The Obama regulatory reform plan

Here’s it is, 89 pages which promise to “modernize and protect the integrity of our financial system.”

A NEW FOUNDATION:  rebuilding Financial Supervision and Regulation

Bullet points:

  • Require that all financial firms that pose a significant risk to the financial system at large are subjected to strong consolidated supervision and regulation
  • Increase market discipline and transparency to make our markets strong enough to withstand system-wide stress and the potential failure of one or more large financial institutions
  • Rebuild trust in our markets by creating the Consumer Financial Protection Agency to focus exclusively on protecting consumers in credit, savings, and payment markets.
  • Provide the government with the tools needed to manage financial crises so it is not forced to choose between bailouts and financial collapse
  • Raise international regulatory standards and improve international coordination

If you a struggling to download a copy at, a copy has been posted in the Long Room here.

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