“The only chapter we’re focused on…is chapter 1” | FT Alphaville

“The only chapter we’re focused on…is chapter 1”

…chapter one and a whole lot of hackneyed cliches, at least. Yes, it’s the GM “re:invention” cringefest  advert.

Watch it here.

At least American taxpayers know where their money’s being spent. The 60-second video – the first plank of a extensive nationwide campaign – went online, via youtube and facebook, only moments after GM officially filed for that other chapter, according to Advertising Age.

The American car, declares the new GM in the ad, is not dead. But, to paraphrase Felix Salmon here, is there any particular reason why the average American needs 36 per cent more cars than the average Canadian? GM’s future doesn’t depend so much on its ability to recast itself in the leaner, meaner, greener mold of its foreign competitors, but on the fundamentals of its home market. With 780 cars for every 1,000 people, saturation point has been reached.

Per their video, GM might well be focused on chapter one, but if they had any sense, they’d be trying to look quite a few ahead.

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