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A litigious Goldman Sachs

Zero Hedge points out that Goldman Sachs is on the legal warpath, issuing a cease and desist order against www.goldmansachs666.com.

The site is of the conspiratorial persuasion, with a host of memorable quotes such as:

Does Goldman Sachs Run the World?

Not completely, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. It seems that, literally, only flesh eating bacteria can stop these guys.

Strangely, Goldman’s order centres not on the actual content of the site but on copyright aspects — and that’s despite the homepage carrying a rather large disclaimer that it is not affiliated with the investment bank in any way. The cease and desist order is reprinted below, via Zero Hedge. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge - Zero Hedge: Goldman Sachs to sue Goldmansachs666.com

Does this mean Bank of America can sue  www.BACPROXYVOTE.com too?

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