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Nowhere to run…

… Nowhere to hide for the US government. Greenbrier Hotel Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 (HT Alea).

The Greenbrier resort was, of course, outed as a secret government bunker by the Washington Post in 1992.

… Unlike other government relocation centers, built mainly to house military and executive branch officials who would manage a nuclear crisis and its aftermath, the Greenbrier facility was custom-designed to meet the needs of a Congress-in-hiding, complete with a chamber for the Senate, a chamber for the House and a massive hall for joint sessions. Its discovery offers the first conclusive evidence that Congress as a whole was even included in government evacuation scenarios and given a role in postwar America. …

The bunker, which is inWest Virginia, was decommissioned after the Post article and is now used as a data storage facility for private companies.

It is, however, still open to the general public in the form of ‘Bunker Tours‘, and its meeting rooms can be booked for corporate events, as Greenbrier describes on its web site:

As a part of the Bunker’s recent renovations, The Greenbrier added five meeting rooms ranging from 670-730 square feet. The rooms, Knowland, Johnson, Rayburn, Stewart and Martin, were named for the leaders of the House and Senate and the Architect of the Capitol when the project began in 1956. Looking for a nontraditional meeting space or event location? The Greenbrier can assist with hosting parties in the Bunker using a James Bond, M*A*S*H or spy themes.

Perhaps a Tarp-y would be more appropriate?

Greenbrier bunker - Congressional meeting room