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Investment bank revisionism, Wiki edition

Felix Salmon points us in the direction of a new feature for Wikipedia, the user-generated online encyclopedia.

WikiDashboard, created by Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto Research Center,  “aims to reveal much of the normally hidden back-and-forth behind Wikipedia’s most controversial pages.” In other words, it shows which users are editing specific Wiki entries, how often, and in what ways.

And so… it’s straight to the investment banking pages!

You can of course, spend a few hours doing this yourself  but here’s what we’ve noticed so far.

On Goldman Sachs  – lots of editing for “peacock verbiage”, an example of which is below. (Click to enlarge; the original is on the left hand side in yellow, and the edited version on the right, in green).

WikiDashBoard - Goldman Sachs edit

There’s also a bit of — often baffling — vandalism on the Goldman entry. The award for most juvenile vandalism, however, must surely go to JP Morgan’s page, with a string of obscenities, unprintable here, except perhaps, for this one.

At Merrill Lynch’s entry, someone was clearly wishing the Bank of America acquisition had never happened.

WikiDashboard - Merrill edit

And on Sir Fred Goodwin’s profile, apparently “website polls” by FT Alphaville readers don’t qualify to be in the lead (sorry).

The award for boldest attempted-edit, however, has to go to this endeavour.

WikiDashboard - Investment bank edit

The addition was later removed by another user.

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